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What are you worrying about?

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    What are you worrying about?

    I'm worried about my spiders. I lost one last winter when my heater broke down and it got too cold. I hate winter

    What are you worried about?

    Nothing much.

    I hope your heater doesn't break down again. You could buy a hot water bottle as an emergency back up? It would be a nuisance to keep refilling but they stay pretty warm for a while.. Then the spider could sit on it.


      Being worried about things is a mischanneled energy.

      The focus should be on the visual and mental prevention or preparation of the situation causing insecurity from being worried.

      There's always some idea, creativeness or intellectual guidance that can extinguish
      the entire worry wort family of emotions

      Confidence and Positivity can knock out all things effectively, both temporary and permanently.