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    Fat people

    This relates to smoking weed because it causes munchies, laziness, and obesity, and I'm not bashing it, I could put on a few pounds and eating more plus smoking weed would be good for me.

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    You should never shame fat people

    Being fat used to be attractive

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    Being fat used to be Divine, sacred, holy

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    Being fat can make you a better comedian

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    What are some other good things about fat people?

    This is a "fat appreciation" thread.

    Obesity builds character. Imagine a skinny Christ Farley, John Belushi, Donald Trump, or John Candy. They wouldn't be as good of comedians.

    You say we should never shame fat people. Yet you say it’s associated with smoking weed and being lazy. So yes, you are fat shaming and stoner shaming in the same paragraph!

    Being fat was never deemed attractive by society; only a small minority of people have a fat fetish. Chubby chasers they are called

    Fatness shouldn’t be appreciated. It lowers life expectancy. Many celebrities who used to be fat have lost weight before getting too old. Such as John Goodman, Pen Gillette, and Al Sharpton. They did it for a good reason too.


      Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
      Christ Farley
      Is he the one who was hung on a cross down by the river?


        Originally posted by Undies View Post

        Is he the one who was hung on a cross down by the river?
        He died same age as john belushi, with a prostitute like John Belushi, on heroine and cocaine, like John Belushi. Chris Farley early on in his career said he wanted to be John Belushi. He kinda shared an identical demise. Not pretty!
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        I call him Christ Farley because he died the same age as Jesus Christ.


          Seems to me that Fatties (esp women) have gotten their revenge these days, and now thin/skinny (esp women) are now frowned upon and scorned.


            Some overweight people have heart conditions so be a little wary of what you are on about.
            They may not be able to help being fat.