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You didn't fail me, inhale me!

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    You didn't fail me, inhale me!

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ID:	43473 Sometimes exorcists, any exorcist who knows what he's doing has the person repeatedly cough. Demons often leave from the mouth and lungs. I had the Exorcist of the Diocese perform an Exorcism on me. Father Rod in Kalispell Montana was literally the exorcist of the Diocese under the Bishop.

    Demons can be inhaled. That's why it's always good to bless what you are smoking. That's why this is in stoners lounge.

    If demons can be inhaled, so can angels and the lovely cemetery girls who talk to the moon like a wolf.

    On the moon is a Tulpa, a Fascist all-girls Vatican, because I ran the idea by God, and with his authority he allowed it because all men wrote the Bible, all men were prophets , leaders, and Kings. There is an all girl priesthood on the moon, and a trained spider woman moon Gestapo.
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    That will one day police the world wide web. Spiders are the most female-dominant animal on earth. The World Wide Web belongs to Georgean Hawkins and Meadow Pollack.

    Women have been oppressed and suffered so much they are the future of the holy Roman Empire.

    But men overall suffer more because they can't cry and are burdened with the heaviest, most terrible responsibilities. That is why there are more women in the world than men, and women live longer and are more spiritual. Their love does what a mans love cannot do as well.

    I heard a female voice say, " you didn't fail me. Inhale me!"

    The moon shall triumph.

    The moon divinity isn't against God or Jesus. She loves Jesus. Her name is Leah. In Joseph's Prophetic dream the moon represents Leah, and the sun represents Jacob (Mussolini).
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    The moon represents what Spiders represent, divine femininity, death , and rebirth. Sing to the Imperial moon Tulpa Leah, Empress of the night.


    If you have ears, listen for it isn't always mad matt who speaks. Sometimes it is God , Kami , and great spider totem.