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    Stoner den of Dicks and Pricks!

    This is a chat where you insult the person above you but try to keep it from going into the Piranha pit.

    In fact , any post is welcome, but it should always begin with an insult. The insult can simply be "your mother is Brittish" or "your mamma wears Army boots" or something stupid.

    I'll begin by simply insulting everyone at this forum for not having a clue what Fascism is. I just today saw a post about Fascism being racist after time and time again proving otherwise according to the Doctrine and official definition of what the word means.

    I'm not particularly intelligent or wise , but compared to some other Dickheads at this forum and many members of groups such as Antifa, I'm quite proud of my psychological makeup and political leanings.

    Now insult me, and I welcome it because I was having a bad day earlier this week and returned insult for insult, in a juvenile shit slinging contest.

    The jokes on me when I do that because it makes the Duce and Fascism look bad. I don't however fall into those errors because of the Duce and Fascism , but in spite of them.

    It was however good to be tested, because it creates thicker skin, and shows me what I have to work on.

    Benito told me to clean my room and living room and take out the trash, for my apartment is a Shinto shrine, and in Shinto, the practitioner is supposed to be clean, orderly, and organized.

    He also said to love my enemies and quit using meth. I haven't done either and have only cut back on the meth.

    I've been off meth for 48 hours though which is pretty good but have drank so much coffee it isn't exactly sobriety, as caffeine is an addictive drug.

    I'm also in rehab.

    What is your vice?

    You're only the fifth most fascist member of this forum.


    • Din Djarin
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      And only the third most schizo.

    • lode
      lode commented
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      I’m glad my boy is in rehab though.

      Meth isn’t as glamorous as TV would make you think.

    • ill Duce
      ill Duce commented
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      I don't find TV makes Meth look glamorous, but quite the opposite. Alcohol is actually worse for people in large amounts than Meth.

      You can drive a car, fly a plane , and operate machinery well on meth. Alcohol causes countless fatalities on the road.

      Alcohol got me in lots of trouble with the police. I'm well behaved on Meth.

      People drink themselves to death and die from alcohol withdrawal every day. Meth withdrawal is never lethal , and an overdose of Meth is never lethal unless it's mixed with other drugs.

      Celebrities die of Opiod and Cocaine overdose all the time. I've never heard of a celebrity die of a meth overdose.

      Meth can make fat people loose weight, help people focus and concentrate, and keep people with narcolepsy from falling asleep at the wheel and getting into car wrecks.

      I'm not saying meth is good, but I am saying, it's got medicinal therapeutic qualities and benefits and a less harmful addiction than any other drug with the exception of marijuana.

      If I had a fat son, id rather he was hooked on meth than Marijuana, as Marijuana can leave you lazy with an appetite for cake and junk food.

      That said, better to stay off all drugs.

    You guys both suck! Who is the most schizo Fascist?

    Anyway, my 10 cents for myself is, "if you can't delay your gratification and cut your meth use down to 20 bucks worth a week, it only shows how weak you are."

    Using it every day makes you a slave to the chemical and you kinda stop even getting euphoric off of it.

    When you use it every day, it just makes you not need sleep, feel more energized, improves concentration and ability to study, and inspires some creative things to write and ask for in prayer, minus any euphoria.

    To actually get true euphoria from it , you actually have to have a few days sobriety between usage, preferably even a week, but every 72 hours works.

    Using meth every day just helps you get out of bed at 6:00 AM every morning and concentrate better at work , study, or prayer.

    If you actually want to get high and euphoric, and have an extreme feeling of well being and a speed rush from meth, it requires you don't do it every day.

    Three times a week at most.


      Back when I was making meth $20 was almost 5 grams and lasted almost a week (I skipped Sundays for church, sucks to peak in the pews). Weird to see it's still basically the same price from my perspective.

      So meth seems to be immune to inflation. Maybe it will save the US economy!!!!!!


        Originally posted by WritersPanic View Post
        Back when I was making meth $20 was almost 5 grams and lasted almost a week (I skipped Sundays for church, sucks to peak in the pews). Weird to see it's still basically the same price from my perspective.

        So meth seems to be immune to inflation. Maybe it will save the US economy!!!!!!
        I call bullshit.

        No, 20 bucks is like half a gram where I'm from and that's when my dealer's goose is hanging high. 20 dollars when the goose is hanging low can be as low as a quarter gram , and a fat legit properly weighed out gram can be as high as 100$.

        Five grams is well over an 8 ball. Nobody in Minneapolis Saint Paul or the state of Minnesota is going to get well over an 8 ball (like 5 grams ) for 20 bucks.

        If you can get five grams for 20 bucks, come to my city and I'll buy less than half a gram from you for 20 bucks. I'll buy a quarter gram for 20 if you're selling clear properly filtered crystals. If its shake (powder) I will jack up the price, and if it's a reddish, yellowish, or brown color , I'm not touching it.

        On the first of the month I'll give you a hundred dollars for a gram and a half. With five grams, you'll be making a pretty penny off me , hundreds of dollars cash for just 20 dollars on your end.

        Yeah, if you can make five grams for 20 dollars, please visit me in Saint Paul and I'm quite candid about my phone number and address.

        Five grams would easily last me a month, as I'm down to using a half a gram a week at most.

        Please move to Saint Paul and you'll be making shit loads of money off me when I get a job. You will also get hundreds of dollars from me when I get on disability.

        With five grams for 20 bucks or even just an 8 ball for that price, you will be a King with lots of servants buying quarter grams from you for 20 dollars.

        20 dollars for a quarter gram is the usual price in Saint Paul. I'm not the best at math, but You would be making like a quick 400 to 500 dollars off 20 dollars if you put in the effort.

        I would tell you who all the tweakers are, pretty much everyone at my apartment complex and everyone at higher ground shelter.

        They will buy a gram for a hundred. You would be a friggin King, no taxes, no boss, and you choose your hours.

        I would totally invest in you. Like, I'd put in a hundred bucks and take half , then leave the other fifth dollars as an investment for you to sell and make more $$$ while I panhandle another 20 bucks a day for you to make 500$ a day with your five grams.

        Even if you only got an 8 ball for 20 dollars, you could still be making an average of 500 dollars a day easily.

        But A hundred dollars from me each first of the month would give you 20 grams and you make a hundred dollars with each gram which equals 2,000$$$ dollars a month for you if you lived in Saint Paul plus I would panhandle 20 dollars a day for you.

        You have my word, if you move to Minnesota, you can crash in my bed for a few days while I sleep on the couch.

        I pay you a hundred Dollars right off the bat, and pledge to pay 20 bucks a day, and you quickly will have enough money to get your own apartment.

        I can easily make 20 bucks a day, as panhandling pays at least ten bucks an hour. I received a 50 dollar bill once on dale and university.

        I know you won't come to Saint Paul, but seriously, you'd be making tons of Cash, more than 500$$$ a day on average 15,500$ dollars a month easily just off my hundred on the first of the month and the 20 a day.

        Off five grams for 20 bucks, you could easily be making over 30,000 dollars a Month in Minneapolis Saint Paul where Meth is the most commonly abused illegal drug. (Marijuana doesn't count).

        That's 360,000$$$ a year!!!!! SIX DIGIT FIGURES DUDE!!!

        You could drive a Sports car and live in luxury.

        20 dollars for five grams would leave you making more money than Doctors and lawyers where I live!

        You got me straight tweakin BOO! Click image for larger version

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        • WritersPanic
          WritersPanic commented
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          It's not so strange. I went from prescription amphetamines to learning how to make meth when I couldn't find anymore quack doctors with stacks of prescription pads. My habit evolved because my lifestyle evolved. I was a salesman and sold DEC PDP-11 minicomputer systems. Then the IBM PC arrived and sales took off like a rocket. Especially working 15 hours a day.

          It felt like an eternity, but it was only a few years. Then it all imploded, starting with my bank accounts, then my job, then back to my bank accounts. I escaped jail by checking into an extended rehab. Man did that ever suck. A year later I was in college and working for Circuit City, selling refrigerators, car stereos and camcorders.

          I wrote a lot of checks on this body, but I got my shit together, finally, in 1997 when the daughter unit was born. I decided not to be another strung-out Dad in my family. To this day it's either THC or beer. The hard shit is a memory. These days I'm scared to slam an energy drink for a quick buzz. It'd suck to have a heart attack.

        And the government could make shit loads of money by decriminalization of Methamphetamine and taxing the shit out of it and making it illegal to make it without a license.

        The government could make meth for dirt cheap and people would pay a hundred dollars for a gram because it would be good shit.

        I bet the government could make a gram of crystal meth for as low as five dollars and sell it for a hundred.

        People would easily buy it because government made meth would have no cut or impurities and all toxic chemicals would be filtered out.