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If I had a fat stoner son, I'd have him switch to meth!

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    If I had a fat stoner son, I'd have him switch to meth!

    If I had a fat son or daughter, id rather he was hooked on meth than Marijuana, as Marijuana can leave you lazy , unmotivated, stupid, with an appetite for cake and junk food, and just cause one to be a fatter and morbidly obese couch potato.

    I'd have my son or daughter take random UA's to make sure they aren't doing pot, alcohol, or Opiods, and as long as they are passing the test, I financially support their addiction.


    It will make them lose weight, improve concentration, improve motivation, improve alertness, lower appetite, increase physical activity and make exercise easier.

    I would beg my fat son to moderate his usage , but as long as the meth made him lose weight and stay off other drugs like alcohol and Opiods, which are actually lethal, I'd support his habit.

    I'd be stressed if my fatso son or daughter was on Opiods or cocaine or Alcoholic or barbiturates, as those drugs cause sudden death and breathing to stop or heart attack, or even death from withdrawal or motor vehicle fatalities.

    If my fatso is only on Meth, I don't have to worry about a phone call from the police stating I've got a fat lifeless corpse to bury and a tombstone to buy, and a new family Kami to enshrine and burn incense to.


    ever heard of a meth lab explosion? it definitely has its sudden death scenarios too.

    if i had a fat child, i would teach them about diet and exercise.


      I think it's a moderation thing.

      Serious alcohol abuse is probably as bad as serious meth abuse. But it seems like most people can drink every now and then without a problem.

      I 'm drinking a Carajilo today. I haven't had anything to drink since last weekend, and I think it was two cocktails on Sunday night.

      I grew up in the desert and knew a lot of people who did meth. And never once did I know someone on meth who could take it or leave it. It always became steal copper out of houses bad.

      I do generally almost always think that prohibition does worse than the actual drug. But I think meth and heroin would be last on my legalization experiment.