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Methamphetamine helps me communicate with ghosts!

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  • Methamphetamine helps me communicate with ghosts!

    I don't start talking about how meth makes me hear from the other side, the world of the dead, the ghost Empire, until 8 minutes into the video:

    When I'm sober, I'm disconnected from that world. The meth opens the portal to their realm. In fact, I might be extremely Spiritual and faithful only because of meth. If that's the case, I think i'll remain on it and die young rather than live to be a hundred without it.

    Transubstantiated blessed Crystal Meth was Holy Communion with Kami (Spirits).

    It made prayer fun and got me out of bed to attend mass twice a day. Crystal Meth was discovered 1919, same year as the founding of the Fascist party.

    Crystal was discovered in the " land of the gods" (Island archipelago of the Kami) Japan. It was originally called "Philipon" which translates into "love for work".

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    Does any drug have that affect on you?


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      Originally posted by ill Duce
      Does any drug have that affect on you?
      I'd assume also meth.


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        There are several drugs where I've experienced a sense of transcendence and the perception of a spiritual realm but I don't recall ever talking to ghosts.


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          Have any of you ever been taking a big hit of meth or weed or something and suddenly a flood of hilarious thoughts comes into your head , and you burst out laughing into the Pipe, and the drug comes flying out of the pipe?

          Yes I have lol