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Why are prostitutes the nicest women on average?

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  • Why are prostitutes the nicest women on average?

    Okay, I don't know what statistics would say.
    Why are prostitutes on average the most meek and humble women I know, and responsible women who have their ducks in a row and priorities straight (or the pious Churchy girls ) the meanest? It should be the other way around.

    I've had a prostitute give me free love all night, share her drugs and boobs with me, clean up and organize my entire apartment for me, and I had no money to pay her.

    I had a hooker give me a hug when I'm homeless and haven't bathed in three days and stink. When her mother died I held her in the dark inner city at night as she lamented with grief and shed tears on me. It was like meant to be.

    I think there was a reason Jesus was so fond of sluts and whores. He said prostitutes enter the Kingdom ahead of and have a higher standing in Heaven than the educated Religious people of the time (The Pharisees and Saducees).

    Prostitutes have been broken of pride, have little to envy, are despised and shamed by everyone including family, and sometimes (especially in third world countries) they will starve to death or freeze in the winter if they don't resort to prostitution.

    Back in my wannabe serial killer days, I would play grand-theft-auto and sleep with the prostitutes, kill them, then take my money back, and it gave me sexual gratification to do so. Were I to have ever acted out those fantasies it would have begun with prostitutes. I couldn't do that now.

    Their lives are a living hell like female porn stars who die so young. The average life expectancy in women is 80 years old. For a female porn star it's mid thirties. Typically suicide, murder, or drug overdose is the cause. Similar with prostitutes.

    What has your experience with prostitutes been?

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    Funny Video......

    Cheers Glen.