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My Richard Simons Zoom Groups. Wear your underwear!

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  • My Richard Simons Zoom Groups. Wear your underwear!

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    To join my group make sure you show up in your underwear.

    God gave us all natural dangerous stuff like Cocaine and heroine which killed John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Curt Cobain (Countless celebrities), so man gave us Meth, harder to overdose on than Vitamin D or a lot of stuff for sale at the health food store...and more details about my Richard Simons weight loss group and how to get a six pack for abs instead of a keg without working out ( found in this short video):

    With Biden as our President, I figured I might as well look on the bright side of life. It's gonna be a hell of a lot easier to get Methamphetamine sanctioned under Biden than Trump.

    Also, as I've mentioned before, Methamphetamine helped make the Soldiers of Imperial Japan the best soldiers per capita, the most courageous warriors , preferring death and banzai bayonet charges into machine gun fire , and kamikaze missions instead of surrender.

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    On second thought, don't do it. But if it can get you off alcohol, PCP, Dextromethorphan, or opiods like it did me, it could really save a lot of lives and prevent car wrecks.

    I'm actually supposed to be in treatment Feb 1, but that decided to reject me.


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      That totally sucks. What happened? Did they at least refer you to another rehab place?

    • Matthew Mussolini
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      my caseworker is looking for a place. Meanwhile , my phone randomly lost it's ability to charge or I could call places too.

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    NA and AA are pretty much free online.


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