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An evening with the Japanese. All are invited.

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  • An evening with the Japanese. All are invited.

    I'm making a series for President sleepy Joe Biden on Esoteric Oriental medicine. My tablet is being a cunt and cutting me off before I'm six minutes into the video so it is probably best that way cuz I won't get as many views if I make a 40 minute long video.

    When people see it's short , they are more likely to click play.

    Turn the volume down as I'm a bit on the intense side from one too many hits of the Shinto Dirka Dirka Jihad Pipe, but this series is actually going to teach you something, and if you're a lazy big fat fuck, it will help you lose weight, work harder, get more exercise, Do chores, and the "losing weight" piece will be relatively easily and responsible if you follow my instructions.

    I'm going to unleash some Esoteric Wisdom that the Enlightened Buddhas of Yasukuni Shrine planted within my bosom for a healthier humanity but especially am I seeking to get sleepy Joe this info cuz Joe Biden is totally the President to consider legalizing my Product discovered in Japan (land of the Gods and the sunshine of Heaven and earth.)

    So if you know Sleepy Joe, send this to him. I totally would love to see Joe biden on Meth with his whole cabinet and the entire Democratic party. Donald Trump on Meth would be World War 3 but I can handle a Joe Biden who can actually talk full sentences rapidly and passionately lol.

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    Methamphetamine was originally called "Love for work" (Philipon) because it made the Japanese people and myself love to work and study ungodly long hours and enjoy doing it.