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Tips for easing the world's misery!

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    Tips for easing the world's misery!

    If you were trying to make miserable people less miserable , what are some of the things you might say? What might you do?

    Yes , there are the obvious things like give someone money or something you know they will appreciate, but the more old I get, the more I realize this is a very hurting world , and what I say and do, ( even on an online forum) can add to or decrease the amount of misery in our miserable world.

    Now, the world is not all misery, but when you live where I do with the brain + trauma I have, you have to learn to love what is ugly and painful or you find yourself in a joyless martyrdom.

    I think, due to extremely poor judgement, I have caused a lot more misery than I have relieved. I would like to reverse that and be the opiate of the people, a pain killer of society. Wouldn't that be a story if a dude who grew up a hateful sadist dedicated his life to easing suffering in our world.

    My judgement sucks though because what some people find easing their misery , another person finds causes them to be more miserable.

    That right there is what has left me repeating the same errors. What I need is a trustworthy Spirit entity that is far wiser than me inspiring my actions.

    That entity is not Yahweh, the God of the Bible who wanted his only son and countless other people to be tortured and executed. I don't think He can be trusted because he's a jerk if the Bible is accurate.

    I trust Denise Naslund:

    Far more than I trust God because she was always doing nice things for people on earth and died trying to be kind to someone ( she's been very nice to me from Heaven as well. If you have mommy issues and your Mom abused and ruined your life like mine, take her as your mother ). The only problem is she isn't omnipotent or she would ease the world's hunger, pain, suffering, and misery far more.

    She has helped me more than hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Doctors and hospitals and she never charged me a dime.

    Her first name means Dionisia which is for Dionysus , which is essentially the "Pain Killer" God. Dionysus was the Greek God of wine , intoxicants, religious ecstasy, and sexuality. I could not think of a Deity I would rather have be the Czar of the Universe than a female version of Dionysus.

    Denise was on multiple drugs when she got abducted too. Being a drug user doesn't mean a person is selfish, and I feel she can relate to me.

    I always invoke her when I get high off a psychedelic or something that she would guide the trip. That's kind of how Dionysus was. Getting high with Dionysus was growing in virtue and sanctity if you did it the right way.

    Christianity contains lots of wisdom but has totally presented to the world this doom and gloom , arid , boring, path to spiritual perfection.

    Yahweh needs to be overthrown for being an irresponsible asshole and replaced. Mussolini means to remove from power and replace. (If you haven't seen my previous posts, Mussolini means Jacob, the guy that fought with God all night and won. The first Jew.)

    I feel within me there is a voice telling me that Yahweh can be overthrown and replaced by a more kind, gentle, merciful, tender, and understanding entity. We can then anoint that entity to extinguish the fires of Hell and rescue the souls from hell (because she's omnipotent and gets to do whatever the hell she wants to do) and give the souls in hell another shot at being the best version of themselves.

    In the name of perfect mercy and perfect justice , someone needs to put Yahweh on trial for war crimes against humanity and the most cruel inhumane crimes I've ever heard of. I love God. He created a lot of beauty and has a sense of humour. But he condemned people to misery I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

    Out of love for humanity I have to contend with God. As much as I hate it, there is a lot in the Bible that is true, so I'm going to have to follow inner convictions , and it is Scriptural that a creature can overpower it's creator in a duel. Benito Mussolini and Jacob have been helping me fight God like a defense attorney fights a judge for humanity, but also point out the hypocrisy of our creator , that he literally breaks every single one of the rules he lays down in Scripture, is jealous, narcissistic, wrathful, covetousness, lazy, (probably a glutton) is a murderer, and a pathological liar.

    He needs to be replaced!

    It's quite simple. Someone more merciful is given omnipotence.

    What are some tips you would give for a man seeking to ease misery and suffering in our world?

    fentanyl seems to be working well in my city to reduce the miserables

    its lowering the numbers of car hoppers that for sure


      Originally posted by SpaceMan View Post
      fentanyl seems to be working well in my city to reduce the miserables

      its lowering the numbers of car hoppers that for sure
      Yes, I hear fentanyl will do that.

      People say even meth is cut with fentanyl which doesn't make sense because mixing an upper with a downer can stop what a lot of tweakers are seeking. I don't think meth cut with fentanyl would feel like good dope.