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This one goes out to me.

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  • This one goes out to me.

    Starting to dig Pink Floyd.

    A lot of times I'm not sure of something, and will say terrible things about it. Then it completely wins me over.

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    At some point in their Lives everybody "Gets " Floyd its part of growing up I reckon


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      lol i've done that. vehemently hate something and then realise i like it.
      The Wall is my favourite. i already said that every time this comes up. but it really is just so good.
      i first got into it when i was cleaning at a campsite in 2012 and it was better to put music on that i didn't have to keep skipping or changing. i could just get absorbed in the story.

      "no need to be so fightened! this is just a passing phase, one of my bad days"