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The Private Lives of The Beatles.

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    The Private Lives of The Beatles.

    I have been a Beatles fan since the first time I heard "Love me Do" way back when. I never bothered with finding out what they were like when they were out of the public eye. To me their music was all I needed to know about John, Paul, George & Ringo.

    Then a few weeks ago I happened upon a book "The Love You Make: An Insider's Story of the Beatles" by Peter Brown & Steven Gaines published in 1983. Brown was a personal assistant to their manager Brian Epstein, a senior executive at Apple Corps and was best man at John's wedding to Yoko Ono in March 1969.

    The book deals with the personal lives of the Fab Four and I was really surprised to find out what absolute bastards they actually were. They treated most women with contempt and cheated on their wives from day one. John Lennon was the worst of the bunch while Paul and George weren't far behind. Ringo wasn't even a good drummer according to the book and apparently Paul was a better drummer than him.

    While his wife was away, John let Yoka Ono move into his house while he was still married to Cynthia and he and Yoko had the audacity to be sitting around in their dressing gowns when she returned.

    While visiting Ringo, George blurted out that he was in love with Ringo's wife Maureen and a week later George and Maureen slept together. Paul kept his girlfriend Jane Asher locked away so that she wouldn't leave him for another man.

    I'll always love their music but as human beings they really sucked big in my opinion.
    "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.

    They were Just People !

    Bob Dylan had something to say about "Idols "

    Woody Guthrie was my last idol
    he was the last idol
    because he was the first idol
    I’d ever met
    face t’ face
    that men are men
    shatterin’ even himself
    as an idol
    an’ that men have reasons
    for what they do
    an’ what they say
    an’ every action can be questioned
    leavin’ no command
    untouched an’ took for granted
    obeyed an’ bowed down to
    forgettin’ your own natural instincts
    (for there’re a million reasons
    in the world
    an’ a million instincts
    runnin’ wild
    an’ it’s none too many times
    the two shall meet)
    the unseen idols create the fear
    an’ trample hope when busted
    Woody never made me fear
    and he didn’t trample any hopes
    for he just carried a book of Man
    an’ gave it t’ me t’ read awhile
    an’ from it I learned my greatest lesson

    you ask “how does it feel t’ be an idol?”
    it’d be silly of me t’ answer, wouldn’t it . . .?


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      They were Just People !
      I thought Paul was a Walrus?


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        Eric Burdon was the Eggman

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      I thought Paul was a Walrus?
      Walruses (Walrussians?) are people too!