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    Years ago my perception of tribute bands was that they were uncreative and unoriginal. That is until I saw some that were very talented and sounded close to the bands they paid tribute to.

    My last concert I attended before the lockdown was a Beatles vs Rolling Stones tribute band concert. They were really good, and the guitarist actually looked a lot like a younger Mick Jagger.

    Also, there are tribute bands that don’t entirely mimic the band. I saw an all female Led Zepplin tribute band in concert 2 years ago and it was a different and worthwhile experience to hear Led Zepplin in a female voice.

    Tribute bands are a great way to see bands from the bygone era that you never had the chance to see.

    Hopefully one day there will be a Beastie Boys tribute band as I never got to see them live.

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    I recall a thread on HF on this subject when Quark was still posting as Captain Cannabis :-D

    I don't like most, but there are exceptions of course. My fav tribute concert I took notice of is Melissa Auf der Maur's Black Sabbath tribute (she's on vocals as well ). One of the funnest I attended was a (i think hungarian) tribute band of RATM, it was at the Sziget festival.
    Tribute bands are good party bands and not about originality or creativeness imo


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      I'm not into them. Well the only one I've seen is a T-Rex tribute band but conceptually I'm not into the idea. That same night there was a Mariachi band playing Metal covers, I think they are called Metalachi in fact and that sort of novelty is more appealing to me rather than groups attempting to faithfully recreate classic rock bands performances.

      I'm satisified with seeing the standard bar band play covers.


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        marc martel does a great freddie mercury


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          Originally posted by SpaceMan
          marc martel does a great freddie mercury
          I totally disagree. It's nice for Queen they got a replacement but he's nothing like Freddy Mercury. He only made it clear for me that there's no Queen without Mercury.


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            Originally posted by Audiogen

            I'm satisified with seeing the standard bar band play covers.
            Same. Low expectations can make for a big suprise :-D But primarily: that's what I want from a cover or tribute band. Not a big show of impersonators.