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    Music at grocery stores

    Why why why does it have to suck so bad?

    Every grocery store or fast food chain plays the worst tracks. Whoever organizes those playlists needs to be fired
    Last edited by 6-eyed; 10-08-2021, 05:58 PM.

    I tend to ignore it automatically i guess, because last conscious memory of supermarket music was Nirvana lol, and i wondered did this become really really mainstream? Or would they (this particular big supermarket chain) played this as well in the 90s? (I don't think so)

    I have grown to ignore music in public places like stores etc automatically because most contemporary pop music doesn't interest me.

    I also have no strong opinion what the person behind the playlists should do/or what should be done with them :P i acknowledge they shouldn't cater to me in particular, as they cater to the average customer, which is not me :P

    What should they change in the playlist according to you 6-eyed in order to please both the majority of customers as well as you?
    Perhaps to please everyone, incl the people that are bothered by the tunes they should play no music.
    But as i understand they play the stuff they do because it subtilely affects the average customers shopping behavior..


      i remember walking thru sears once before they closed and the ambient music was a muzak version of an archie roach song that i always liked....i couldnt believe they actually made a muzak version of it for this side of the woeld...especially since it an unknown aboriginal australian guy


        another time i heard this one in a store...had never heard it before then


          I don't hear much music at Fast Food, outside of Mariachi music sometimes, which is not my fave but it adds to the ambiance.

          I think of soft rock/ singer-songwriter music at grocery stores. I dunno, it doesn't bother me much. The music is generally at a barely audible volume and I can usually ignore it or bring headphones with me and listen to music through my phone.

          This is like the epitome of grocery store song to me:

          I Can't Tell You Why · Eagles

          I mean it can be a bit compelling if you're stoned at Walgreens late at night with this song on and staring at a pack of Cool Ranch Doritos chips, wondering if you want to buy them.

          Honestly, I prefer that over going to smoke shops blasting Rap music, basically signaling they want you to get out of the store as soon as fucking possible.


            I agree, 6. But I've come to realise most people don't consciously listen to it.


              Originally posted by 6-eyed View Post
              Why why why does it have to suck so bad?
              They do that on purpose so you can hurry the hell up, buy/eat and get the hell out.

              If they play good music the customers may want to stay longer. No grocery store or fast food employee what's customers staying around longer then necessary.


                No, no. It's that stupid music makes people stupider, and stupid people buy more crap.