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My Shinto Gospel Liturgical rubrics (hymns)

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  • My Shinto Gospel Liturgical rubrics (hymns)

    ​ Okay, mainly I have to ask about this one. Any potential here:

    It came to me a while ago but it felt like I was possessed, so still don't think it was written by me but Kami.
    Closest thing I have to Yasukuni Shrine is war memorials.

    I forget the lyrics to this one and shall need to write them down. But whatever. Some of it is there:

    This one has actually gotten me death-threats from Muslims. Muslims need to learn that a song is just a song, and a cartoon is just a cartoon, and their prophet was a verifiable pedophile who married Aisha when she was 6 years old. But whatevs, it's a stupid world.

    I don't want to give Shinto a bad name, so I shall call it a bastard cousin or hybrid species of Shinto. American state Shinto lol or Capitol Hill Shinto because Capitol Hill is where I pray and get charged with Kami.

    Lovely thing about Shinto is there are no Dogmas, Scripture, or founder, so you can have your own version and traditions.

    I have another song remembered but phone died.

    I've written roughly ten songs in honor of Kami, patriotism, or dissing political correctness, so they qualify as Shinto in their nature, I just haven't been dedicate to commit to remembering the lyrics.

    America totally needs a Yasukuni Shrine though. download (2).jpeg Since Shinto is patriotic, enshrines everyone who dies for their country, and has no Dogmas to fight over, no Scripture to argue about and Kill over as Christians and Muslims do, and has no known founder, it is compatible with every Religion. Therefore, it should be the state Religion of America and every country. e02ca3b5665edc2aaa4a774e39e7ef39.jpg ​​​​​​​

    But anyway, let me know if any lyrics have potential.


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    Any songs you have written that you would like to share?


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      This song came to me in the back of a cop car after an officer transported to a new city because of a YouTube I uploaded.