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    Angry Songs

    Got any favorite songs for when you are mad or down?

    Here is one of mine...for when I thing of her...Jen.


    5 hours of Planet Caravan, by Black Sabbath

    my relief for PTSD



      Pantera- Mouth For War

      And angry




          "Twisted Sister"......We Aint Gonna Take It.....We Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore...........Play It And I

          Transform From Meek And Mild GLEN Into A Wall Punching Monster......

          Cheers Glen.





              Hengitt er vi
              Til Mørkets keiser
              Den allmektiges kraft
              (Som) Fører vårt sinn
              I kamp
              Mot godhet og løgn

              Dog fiendens hær er fattig
              Er den stor
              Men vi skal ta dem alle
              Og hente dem inn
              En etter en

              Det håp de ser i gud
              Skal forsvinne i et hav av torner
              De torner deres falske frelser
              Engang følte spikret i sin skalle

              Himmelen skal rakne
              Og en fandens torden
              Skal buldre å brake
              Hans krefter vil røyne
              Der Mørkets front
              Beseirer lystes pest

              Øyne vil renne i sorg
              Når de innser (at) deres gud
              Ikke lenger kan hjelpe
              Det håp de så i gud
              Er svunnet og vekk for alltid

              De følger nå sin falske felser
              Som fortsatt er bærer av en krone
              Med torner
              Men konge ble han ikke

              [English translation:] [God's Damnation-revelation Of The Judgment Day]

              Devoted are we
              To the emperor of the dark
              The power of the almighty
              (Which) leads our minds
              Into battle
              Against the good and their lies

              Though the enemy's army is poor
              It is big
              But we shall take them all
              Gather them up
              One by one

              The hope they saw in God
              Shall disappear in an ocean of thorns
              The thorns their fake messiah
              Once felt nailed to his skull

              Heaven shall be torn
              And a fucking thunder
              Shall boulder and roar
              His powers will go weak
              Where the front of dark
              Conquer the plague of light

              Eyes will run in sorrow
              When they realize (that) their god
              No longer can help
              The hope they found in God
              Is gone and so it shall be forever

              Now they follow their fake salvator
              Who still carries a crown of thorns
              But king he never became
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                    I don't have any favorite songs when I'm mad. I'll put on music but I'm usually not fully engaged with the music in that state and so I've never really had a favorite I go to, if that makes sense.

                    When feeling down, this is one of my favorites.





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                        AAaaaaahhhhhhh! Lol



                        This song would give me some glimmer of hope during my teen years. My most depressing years.


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                          I briefly posted about this in the 90's music thread but it's something I find interesting and I don't know if you saw it. This guy rejected fame and they broke up after this first album, so he could focus on songwriting for other bands. It's odd to me because it has a very polished pop sound and with the style, it would seem to signal to me they were going for a hit.