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What is the meaning of this parable?

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  • What is the meaning of this parable?

    So, on my wall is a piece of paper saying, "I live in the Twin Cities because my Dad met a nun on his way to a pilgrimage to Fatima Portugal where the Sun danced. In the Old Testament Mussolini stole his destiny from his Twin. In Joseph's prophetic dream, Mussolini represented the sun. "

    I was just thinking about how to respond to Jessica 's comment about sun dials and greeting the Emperors of the rising sun prior to making that comment. Hirohito_flag.jpg

    Then my phone as I'm listening to music randomly switches to this song, steal my sunshine:

    It switches to that song while in the middle of this song:

    I began my day listening to Ellie Gouilding:

    Ellie means Eleanor which means "Bright shinging one" and the song is about extinguishing the darkness.

    That song was the final song myself and the only girl I asked to marry me (Leah) in real life were listening to the day I asked her to marry me, shortly prior to a jump off a building that broke multiple bones and left me unconscious with head injury.

    Yesterday morning I sent a message online to Leah about her light and how even God will be surprised with how much darkness it will extinguish if she makes herself an instrument in his hands.

    Leah represents the moon in sacred Scripture which is the greatest light in the sky when it's darkness, so I named the moon Leah.

    Then as I just typed that, my Doctor who studies antifa calls, causing my tablet to go on screen save mode. When it does that it advertizes something. What it was advertizing is:

    It said "Believing is everything" with the advertisement.

    The same morning I sent the message to Leah, I read a new message I haven't read on one of my youtubes where a guy is thanking me for making a YoutTube for his girlfriend Jessica Hitler who he plans on getting married to.

    His name was Jacob, and Mussolini means Jacob. Right before I noticed that message from him, I was thinking about how Dictator Mussolini died April 28, 1945 which is the feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, the anniversery of De Montfort's Death. I was thinking about how De Montfort taught me everything I knew about Jacob and Rebecca, and the New World Order of the Anti-antichrist, who seeks to steal the destiny of the Antichrist, steal one-world Government, steal one-world Religion, twist it, pervert it, and make it compatible with Christianity, then stand in the place of the Antichrist, instead of the Antichrist, as the antichrist, will call his new world order, "The New World Order of Rebecca".

    It's weird to just be thinking about how Jacob and Rebecca stole destiny that Divine decree had in store for Esau, and suddenly receive a message from someone named Jacob about marriage to a girl named Hitler , the morning I sent a message to a girl named Leah whom I proposed marriage to.

    Then this morning I respond to a post about a Jew wrestling with God and winning. That Jew is Jacob.

    I don't know what it means, but it seems there are too many dots to connect. There is some sort of message being conveyed.

    However, these coincidences happen a lot with me and usually it doesn't lead to that much change in my behavior, so I wonder if the coincidences serve any purpose.