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    Nevva Evva been a fan of the so called "compact disc" or CD for short. Why? well because they so sterile and you never know when they actually gonna start until they do start!

    Now the vinyl record ... well you knew exactly when John Lennon or Mick Jagger or Ray Davies or Justin Hayward was gonna entertain you simply because when the hissing & crackling stopped, the music started!

    Gave you time to like figure out your moves while the cute chick standing opposite you on the dance floor with her her hands held behind her back and her large eyes flirting with you waited for the action to start!
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    I think the CD age is virtually over ,It was short lived compared with vinyl ! When they first came out I predicted they wouldn't last long because of the mechanical issues of having to drive them and read them almost like a record albeit with a laser rather than a stylus


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      I also prefer vinyl above CDs. But in reality I'm mostly playing mp3s and streaming tunes these days.


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        Vinyl sounds better, unless the CD recording has been digitally remastered, and sometimes even re-mixed.

        Always hated the static noise on vinyl though. I had one of those static-gun things in the late 70s. For the most part it seemed a waste of twenty dollars, which would have bought 2 or 3 records, depending on when and where.
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          yeah the static i never liked ....i still listen to vinyl favourites are a few kinks albums and of course supertramp breakfast in america (does anyone not have that one?)

          also i have a hugo montenegro lp that is great