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The most Stoned band on Earth !

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  • The most Stoned band on Earth !

    Dr Hook

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    I'd say The Grateful Dead, dude.


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      No Cocaine · Slightly Stoopid


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        Exile On Main Street – The Rolling Stones

        For the band’s tenth album, they set up shop in the French town of Nellcôte in a rented house, which turned into what sounds like a hedonistic drug den for the entirety of recording.

        The time ended with Richards being arrested for heroin possession but in an interview he claimed he was not the only one under the influence during recording: At the time, Mick was taking everything. Charlie was hitting the brandy like a motherfucker.

        The whole house was so caught up in their own heads that one day, a group of robbers from Marseille walked in and stole nine of Richards’s guitars, Bobby Keys’ sax and Bill Wyman’s bass in the middle of the day while the band was watching TV in the living room.

        Despite all the drama, the album is now considered to be one of the best country rock albums of all time and came in at no. 7 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
        "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.


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            Bred by Humboldt Seed Company for the band Slightly Stoopid, Stoopid Fruits is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Crossing Apricot Papaya and Strawberry Dream Queen, this strain stinks of sweet tropical flavors with fruity accents. The high offers an uplifting and happy high that will transport you to a warm sunny beach.

            Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush

            Collie Man Kush travels the rocky road, carries the heavy load, and definitely has the Sensi Herb. We were stoked to breed strains for Slightly Stoopid and composted a fuel and OG terpene orchestra just as frontman Miles Doughty likes it. Reported as “so loud it made my nose run and eyes water.” Or maybe you tear up because it’s so pretty, glistening with trichomes, sparkling like the waves off Ocean Beach, the band’s SoCal home turf. This high octane OG is perfect for watching waves… maybe even until 2am!

            A recent attempt to press a vinyl record out of $6,000 worth of weed by ‘90s stoner-jam band Slightly Stoopid seems, at first pass, slightly stupid, but their technique appears to be anything but. It was through the band’s keen knowledge of marijuana types and their characteristics that pressing a playable record from weed was even possible.

            As Billboard reported, the band and their management team, Silverback Music, opted to specifically use bubble hash to press their record. This variety of hashish — a concentrated resin extracted from the cannabis plant — is known to bubble when it’s heated up; in particular, it’s made from a part of the plant called the resin head, where the bulk of its cannabinoids are found. It was stamped and mastered in a $1,000 process, carried out by Los Angeles-based studio Capsule Labs, in which the band’s 2015 single “Dabbington” was etched onto the record.

            Slightly Stoopid - This Joint

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