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When did your bush get trimmed last?

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  • When did your bush get trimmed last?

    Or mowed your grass?

    Feel free to share a picture.

    I got a clean shave today. Does that count? It's one of the only times in my life I have shaved with a single blade razor without cutting off bloody chunks of flesh off my face.

    A clean shave feels good.

    Now I gotta figure out how to hack down that wild rain forest on my dome.

    I wish hair would stay the same length. I was in an institution and am currently in one where I can't get that mop cut.

    I get discharged from this one and go to another the day after and worry I won't be able to get the hair cut in the roughly 10 hour window between where I have the option to do so.

    I'm actually really stressing about it because Covid complicates it. Barbers don't want my dirty kind , and I never got the vaccine because it changes DNA and turns people into ? alien reptiles shapeshifters who lose their identity as Gods children, names removed from the book of Life, and souls eternally damned in a lake of fire!!!. ?

    The literal grass is freshly mowed and bush trimmed outside but we aren't allowed out at this hour. And it isn't my bush to be taking photos of anyway.

    I even found out the tomatoes right next to us belonged to a Church accross the street. I was eating tomatoes that weren't ours. (Is that theft? If that violates forum rules mentioning such depraved illegal behavior, feel free to edit lol).

    Share a pic of your bush, lawn, dome, petunias, garden, clean shave, haircut, or whatever.

    I loved this song growing up:

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    I like the way your hair looks. After your situation is okay, I hope you dye it green and do some Joker cosplay.

    I go in for my antipsychotic shot tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure they're gonna give me a covid shot, too. I was kind of creeped out by how eager they were that I have it.

    I am the Destroyer, though, and if their agenda is to writ unsuspecting names from the Booke of Lyfe, well, they're gonna have to make new plans. There's no stopping red Overtone skywalker, the completely impossible person from another dimension.

    My hair is redder now. It's grown a bit. I'm gonna let it grow out a while.



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      Yeah, I still have to show the forum what the rest of my joker costume looks like.

      I also got my antipsychotic shot less than a week ago.


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          I live in his hometown.


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            I should have waited to post here, sorry Matt.

            The stigma here is now rife. What will the Milky Wayans think.