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What happened to the Donald Trump meme thread?

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  • What happened to the Donald Trump meme thread?

    Are Donald Trump memes becoming a problem. Lol! I hope not.

    Maybe I'm just not allowed to view that thread for some reason. I have lost the authorisation haha.

    Here are my favorite Trump meme. I'm delighted that people bother making these:
    il_570xN.2476072722_echj.jpg il_570xN.2322239003_h7x0.jpg 61EA2RRamwL._AC_UX385_.jpg 61hB5DQzesL._AC_UX679_.jpg

    Anyway, I was really blessed today by someone named Jacob (my favorite mortal man in Scripture) right after coming out of Mass and reflecting on how Jacob stole the destiny of his Twin and how Jacob means Mussolini, Israel, that the Bible literally says , "In Mussolini all nations and people shall find their blessing".

    Then Jacob thanks me for a YouTube I made for a girlfriend he wants to get married to. This took place right after I sent a message to Leah, the only girl I met in real life who I asked to marry me.

    Leah was the first bride of Jacob.

    It is an interesting coincidence at least, and an intervention from the Supernatural world at best with a sign that Leah and I will marry some day, even if it has to wait until the next life. eec59907ee1238559722c2f62495fa1b.jpg

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    It's in the political forum.


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      Originally posted by Osquirrell
      It's in the political forum.
      It says, "you are not authorized to view this page. Contact administration"