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Images that honor the Kamikaze pilots of Imperial Japan.

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  • Images that honor the Kamikaze pilots of Imperial Japan.

    John 15:13

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    Even in war, it is very rare that a person consciously chooses to place themselves in a situation where they have a certain 0% chance of survival. For instance, if a soldier jumps on a grenade to stop his comrades from getting killed by the shrapnel, they are given an award, most likely the congressional medal of honor.

    The Kamikaze pilots of Japan have been given a greater exaltation and award than the congressional medal of honor. All of them are enshrined at Yasukuni shrine as Shinto Divinities, which is staffed by a Shinto priesthood that shall pay homage to them and pray for them (as I do) for as long as Japan exists.

    This thread is a collection of letters from kamikaze pilots written just before they flew their final missions:
    Honorable Older Brother,

    Once again, orders have come down for the attack from which we will never return. I feel not the slightest regret. Already I have grown intimate with death, the ultimate character-building passage that we human beings have to face. All that is left is to carry out the duties for which I’ve been trained and to fulfill the Imperial mandate. I am deeply ashamed that in the twenty-seven years of my life I have been such an unworthy son and younger brother.

    I will have to leave everything up to you. It is with an untroubled heart that I fulfill the obligations for which I was born. I am merely carrying out my duties as a man.

    The made-in-Manila bar of toilet soap you’ll find in my things was given to me by the chief of staff. Please take good care of Mother, and take care of yourself in the coming winter.

    298e0fc97b3874cf38011cc0cd7050c3 (1).jpg 72nd_Shinbu_1945_Kamikaze.jpg 1f7ea5279ecff1f88222bf35cfcf4c76.jpg Rfa672dd6e5bfd92e2c2103c0af68c034.jpeg grungy-kamikaze-skull-vector.jpg

    This thread is to honor the sacrifices of the Soldiers of Imperial Japan and type prayers them. I do not approve of what they did like torture people, and I pray they all be given the grace and ability to love.

    They were drafted, severely abused, and trained to be the best warriors of world war 2, so much so that if America and Japan at that time had been in the ring alone, America would have lost probably, because Japan fought the Russian Empire, which was more powerful than America, in the Early 20th century, and Japan kicked Russia's ass even though Russia had more men and better weapons.

    The soldiers of Yasukuni were taught to surrender is dishonorable and that when you run out of ammunition you fix bayonets and do a banzai bayonet charge.

    They had the highest threshold to pain and suffering and self-discipline , and they thought their enemies were wimps and dishonorable for surrendering like we did so they were mean to their prisoners.

    A puppy that is severely abused all it's life can become a vicious dog but good for dogfights. Likewise, the soldiers of Japan became great soldiers and ruthless because they were put through so much abuse. One soldier wrote home and said he could never taste his rice because he always had so much blood in his mouth from his officers and comrades beating him.

    This is why the Japanese were so cruel during World War 2.

    I can only honor their suffering, sacrifices, have compassion, and pray they reach the first degree of beauty , power , glory, perfection , and euphoria.

    Do you have any artwork of Imperial soldiers of Japan, especially the Kamikaze you would like to share?
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    R466724b09ba37d7f33f5dd897e5f2e98.jpeg R015f7f4c30d8ec122fe55ae81ee1be62.jpeg R814f8df19b9fff483036d5814374005d.jpeg R5d5e9e78aa47514a99cdbdfe3fe9de97.jpeg 47814_89860919.jpg


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      26989f3bef19eae8fa12578b249ceb9f--world-war-wwii.jpg wwii1234.jpg da5c797c32bffbc0bff0b723a1c16018.jpg 828719e35edf3d2e032fd77b43dd0dbb.jpg R27585fb446a25f41b33dcc379de690ad.jpeg

      Rest in peace Kamikaze and soldiers of Yasukuni shrine. May you be very great soldiers for Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Capitol Hill Queens. Give me thy powers dear soldiers, for I know of no one so well trained, so brave, so fearless of death, with such a high tolerance to pain and suffering, all of which I long to have some day.

      Be exalted, be Divinities, Saints, Enlightened Buddha's, and Emperors of Heaven and earth. Try to enter into an alliance with Jesus Christ and may you be able to influence all of earth's affairs as the greatest of Divinities, in Jesus name.

      May my love be always with you and for you, my actions and suffering always be for you and the land of the gods, the land of the rising sun and Kami.

      Let each day be my Kamikaze mission where ego, pride, lust, anger, covetousness, envy, laziness, and selfishness and unforgiveness die.

      In Jesus name I pray.

      Lord God, bless the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine and anoint them to be god warriors, Divinities, Saints, and Enlightened Buddah's. May they be given control of one World Government and the United Nation's with Benito Mussolini, but more importantly, may they be given control of Global one world Religion.

      May they become so popular and so many miracles linked to their miraculous intercession that action figures of them be found in McDonald's happy meals and they become characters in anime and video games.

      In Jesus name, I pray, Amen!


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        "Recently, in calmer moments, I find my thoughts returning continually to you and our soon-to-be-born child. Please take good care of your health.

        When we first arrived at our base in Kyushu, there was a sudden change in plans, and we were all ordered into special attack units. I expected to depart at any moment. Every day, as I waited for my first, and last, attack, I reread the letter you wrote the day you made the jelly and gazed at the photos of you and Sister Etchan.

        Surprisingly, my heart was perfectly at peace-as though another me were gazing upon the me that was so calm.

        But orders, for better or for worse, changed again, and I was assigned to another squadron and given other duties. We made two sorties to Okinawa; the first was completed without incident, and I returned without doing anything especially heroic.

        Mr. Hagiwara, who visited us the other day, asked about you. Try not to be upset, but he was shot down the day after he arrived.

        Now, more than ever, the fleetingness of human life astonishes me, but I have become a much stronger person. You too must be strong. Wait for me. I will return without fail. Until you’ve safely given birth to our child, I have no intention of dying easily.

        Captain Adachi Takuya to his parent
        Kamikaze Special Attack Group No. i Seikita
        Killed in the Okinawa area on 28 April 1945 at age 23
        Native of Hyogo Prefecture

        I don't know what he meant by he would return without failure since he was a Kamikaze pilot, unless he wrote that letter before he knew he was a kamikaze pilot or he meant he would return in Spirit. My understanding is that 10 out of 10 Japanese soldiers that went on Kamikaze missions didn't survive.

        That Kamikaze also died April 28, 1945, same exact day that Benito Mussolini died."

        . R561cc84c9beef1ccfeee1ba9b942d53a.jpeg R99767029047d4be9b0ff4b102d9dab08.jpeg 8732fd0665a02719c84d514e010c180c--japanese-new-year-the-japanese.jpg da6767c67fd31cf9adf41bb1310e7980.jpg 88db7877849645f6aa5b3a66cc8542d4.jpg
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          c55d05a9e0a85cd2063bbc1e91567727-700.jpg R6ef78c78d26e6daee166fcb488403548.jpeg japan.jpg 5748711462_41a17c1144_b.jpg Japanese_Flag_With_Wave_Pattern.jpg