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Child Trafficking Documentary July 25th on TV

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  • Child Trafficking Documentary July 25th on TV

    I just found out today there is a man named Craig Sawyer who has tackled child trafficking. Ex military, ex elite forces, etc, he has formed a team of vets and an organization called Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR). He has battled his way through for the past 3 years to make a documentary on this abomination. He, with police and FBI forces, goes in and busts child traffickers. And he's a hell of a guy; I sure wouldn't want him mad at me.

    The film is new. It will premiere two tv stations one on the 25th of July. You can do a search on your cable or satellite provider program schedule for this documentary titled ContraLand (not Contraband). I have Dish Network and they will be showing it on DYSTR 263 on the 25th. I've set my DVD to record it.

    Or you can go to You Tube and watch it now at It's just over an hour and a half long.

    You have to be brave if you watch this film. It's the gritty truth behind child trafficking.

    There is also a film titled Contraland A Miner's Heaven, that's not the one. You want the documentary ContraLand about child sex trafficking.

    He has lots of You Tube videos if you want more information on Craig Sawyer being himself.

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    Well, I finally got to watch it. My hubby and I both agreed we wouldn't want Craig Sawyer against us. He is a brute of a man (but in a good way). Bad Ass in capital letters. But the doc was good. They showed quite a few sting operations where they actually took pedophiles down. Yes! Those were the best parts.

    When Craig started this organization (Veterans 4 Child Rescue aka V4CR) 4 months later his daughter was abducted and raped for 5 hours. She got away but, he suggests (but doesn't come out and say), it was a warning to him. His daughter, Aspen, actually took part in some of the sting operations as the decoy. She said it helped her get her power back.

    Stay tuned, he said there would be sequels.


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      I loathe pedophilia. I want to be a part of the crusade against it, but I just can't even have it on my mind that much.

      Pedophiles are nothing but total garbage.


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        Even if you can't do anything about it you can do something about it by being informed. Put these children in your thoughts and heart. Don't bury you head in the sand.


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          Tim Ballard has a docu on child trafficking titled Operation Toussaint. Pretty good. He makes it really personal and you get to meet two children he bought in a sting operation that he and his wife later adopted and took home to Utah (once their visas have cleared).