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The last stand

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  • The last stand

    After not watching tv for 10 years I finally got one and Netflix. I just recently starting watching this. I always thought Michael Jordan was the greatest competitor and genuine person. His accolades are so impressive. Athletesism (Sp?)at its finest.

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    I enjoyed the Docuseries. I was pretty young when he was on the Bulls so I didn't realize how cutthroat he was.

    Space Jam and a lot of the tv commercials present a different image.

    Some of the stuff on Pippen, Rodman and Jackson was interesting too. I liked that Steve Kerr was representing the GSW shirt in interviews.


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      I have not gotten to the Steve Kerr part. I was always a big fan of him to. Hopefully will finish up this series soon. It definitely has been interesting with the behind the scenes footage. It really shows how sports figures are different in their personal life than actors.