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    Sea Lab 2021

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    From the golden years of Adult Swim. I got big into this show during my first few years of college. Getting really high with my dorm friends and watching Sea Lab

    It was a stoner comedy about marine biologists working at a laboratory under the ocean in the future year of 2021.

    Almost forgot about this show. But I’m glad there’s still a few more months left of present-day 2021 to enjoy old reruns!

    we must be about the same age (i probably knew that, but i couldn't remember). especially my 2nd and 3rd year of college, this era of adult swim was one of the top priorities. during those days we were partying literally every night of the week, but me and my one friend would almost always ditch the party for an hour or two to watch that series of 15 minute adult swim shows.

    the bizarro episode affected me profoundly. i still can't drive past the bizarro car dealership near here (yeah, that's an actual business nearby), or cast blizzara in any final fantasy game, without my head saying "bizarro, i love you, bizarro".

    proof of that quote's existence:


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      Hahaha Sea Lab predicted president Trump

      Episode: Red Dawn

      He looks like Trump but talks like Kennedy
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