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    You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you, but I'll share who I want to see propaganda exalting in every structure, plane, train, automobile, school, and hospital.
    ​​​​​ I want this image to be more common than the crucifix and shall explain why.

    She stared in the show CATS as India's Charlie's Angel, as a strong, lethal, independent woman who carried handcuffs and pistols.

    2 out of 3 of India's CATS (Charlie's Angels) hung themselves and the show was deemed cursed.

    The other star of the show who hung herself was : Kuljeet Randhawa
    ​ ​​​​​​
    In reality though, they have a whole legion of CATS who are taking over in the Supernatural world.

    I find nothing more endearing than suicides as I jumped off a building breaking multiple bones, and I know there is no suffering worse than that moment when you make such a decision.

    Whenever I go crazy and need to be hospitalized, the closest hospital is "Saint Joseph's". Nafisa Joseph went to school at " Saint Joseph's College ". Suicides don't go to hell, they go to " Saint Nafisa Joseph's hospital for suicides " to be loved and healed.
    The show CATS was a failure because in India, men wanted to see women be Crybaby's and not so strong and independent.

    But it is a success in my world. God loves to take failures and turn them into success.
    I loved India , the land of cobra worshippers who drop babies fifty feet and catch them in sheets to earn blessings from their gods.

    India, the land where the term, "Holy Cow" comes from, and above all, I like Indian ability to have a caste system resembling Hitler's master race and inspiring adolf Hitler, yet they are not accused of racism because they are not white.

    God and his Caesar do not recognize the split between India and Pakistan. Pakistanis are Indian and Pakistan was part of India. The two are one country in the eyes of God which is important because India is an enemy of China, and there are more Indians than Chinese. If Pakistan never broke away from India, and the old borders were in place, the most populated country would be India, not China.

    Therefore, Indians are the most common people in the world because they have a special blessing.

    India has Aghori Sadhus who religiously drink their own urine, drink urine out of skulls in cemeteries, eat decomposing human remains, eat feces, wear ashes and bones, run around naked in the most dangerous places where tigers rome , charm cobras with music to the point of holding them, hanging from hooks in their flesh, and choosing to embrace everything scary that goes against their nature.
    By being scary and despicable, the Aghori are rejected by most people of their Religion, and by being despized (and loving what causes them displeasure), the Aghori have conquered everything.

    Gandhi was not an Aghori, but he used to starve himself by not eating anything for more than 20 days.

    Reading about Gandhi was a big part of my ascetic practices early in my conversion to Catholicism which was mixed with Hindu culture. India is where the great Buddha came from, and I saw Spiritual giants from India more than other countries, at least with regard to their ability to completely conquer the appetites of the flesh.

    I left Catholicism for Shintoism and Native American Shamanism, also Indian, and found an interesting Indian war chief, chief Joseph, called, "Red Napoleon". He was born the day I stabbed a guy and believed myself to be the Antichrist and a cannibal. That was the day I met the dead girl who introduced me to Fascism and the Holy Roman Empire.

    While reading about Chief Joseph, a girl in a red bikini pops up with the last name Joseph, because I found a pack of cigarettes called "Smokin Joes" and I googled, "Smokin Joes" and it said, "Headquarters in India".

    Well, I was drawn to Nafisa Joseph more than anyone and knew she was special, so I saved her image on my phone and called her "Red Napoleon" because she wore a red Bikini.

    She died young and beautiful and I put her name on the top of the list of my litany of Capitol Hill Queens and told her, "You are Saint Joseph. You are head of the household of Capitol Hill Queens. You are the Trump card.

    As Joseph Trumped everyone including Pharoah in the Old Testament, and everyone turned to Joseph instead of Pharaoh, and Pharoah told all people, "Don't go to me, go to Joseph", you Nafisa Joseph are now the fulfillment of the Prince of Egypt prophecy. You are Princess of the new Egypt , the Roman Empire, and as Joseph was lesser than Jesus and Mary, yet Joseph was head of the household, superior whom Jesus called Father and obeyed, you are Saint Joseph, Princess of Rome, whom the Caesar obeys, and I pray almighty God would help the clever Spirits turn you into a supermodel so lovely that even God and all creation would obey you as their Saint Joseph, the Superior of the Holy household whom all the universe obeys.

    From that day foreward, Nafisa Joseph was the person I saw as having control of the household of the Roman Emperor that I prayed to. For, Pharoah placed the Hebrew Joseph in charge of his household and all of his possessions.

    I didn't see Nafisa Joseph as she appears in her images but as Heaven's epitome of first place supermodel and CAT. Nafisa Joseph played Careena in cats. She puts the C in CATS. She was Charlie's Angel in India, a sexy, strong, independent woman who dressed sexy and fired deadly weapons.

    I felt her shame and pain for I to was a suicide who jumped off a building breaking multiple bones and splitting my head open on the concrete.

    But it made me love suicides and I used to pray before the tomb of my friend Raven Stevens, who blew his brains out, and his mother called me Elijah, because Elijah had a Raven, and I was often praying before a tomb with a Raven, and the spirits of the cemetery entered my body and kept me there for hours.

    Well, Nafisa Joseph began to come to me in dreams, some of them wet dreams, some bizzare, but she told me to "Preach the Gospel". I said, "To whom". She replied, "To the Indians".

    While panhandling, a man comes up and grabs me by the shoulder to scare me. It was a drunk Indian. I shared the Gospel with him. He proceeded to drink mouthwash and laugh at me. I told him hand sanitizer has higher alcohol content than mouthwash and is actually cheaper and less toxic to drink.

    I told him "Chief Joseph loves you" and gave him his panhandling spot that I accidently took.

    That day I learned that the Show CATS in India was thought to be cursed because another girl who played one of the CATS hung herself like Nafisa. 2 out of 3 of India's Charlie's angels hung themselves while young, wealthy, and beautiful.

    I smoked some K2 and laid down under a bench and heard a female voice say, "No one took my life from me, I laid it down for humanity. Lazarus became sick and die."

    After the K2 wore off I began to print out pictures of Nafisa Joseph and as I read her biography, the most unusual person is related to her, Tagore. I google his name on wikipedia and in the article, who pops up to my surprise, "Benito Mussolini" is in the article. Tagore was Mussolini's favorite author, and the Duce read everyone of his works that was translated into Italian.

    Tagore was the first Nobel peace prize winner in literature outside of Europe and wrote National Anthems for multiple nations, so the guy was clearly a genius.

    For him to have a granddaughter who is Miss India, and famous actress who plays the role of a strong woman who dresses sexy and fires guns, would certainly interest the Duce, impress him, and out of his love for Tagore, he would long to give her glory, praise, and exaltation.

    To confirm these convictions, I went on to discover she died on Mussolini's birthday. She was born into the world of the dead on his birthday as if to be his greatest birthday present.

    To be continued....

    Have you ever seen CATS?

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    I suddenly knew why Nafisa Joseph was the Saint Joseph of the Roman Empire and the Caesar. Mussolini loved India and always concerned about their struggle with the British Empire.

    The Duce told Rachel, "Hitler served me like he was my maid, made sure the lighting in the room was perfect, made sure I had access to my favorite literature, inquired about what artwork I'd prefer on the wall, brought an exotic fish that he said bore my name, removed my soft pillows for harder ones as I like, and spoiled me rotten.

    Hitler even had tears in his eyes and has been looking up to me and trying to imitate me for over a decade. But when Gandhi showed up half-naked with a goat, it left a bigger impression on me than Hitler and the entire Third Reich. This was without him having to say a word".

    Gandhi was Nafisa Joseph's Idol, and she clutched onto images and quotes of Gandhi when she was nervous backstage, for she struggled with stage-fright and was quite a tortured soul behind her beauty and smiles.

    It was crazy, on my cell phone I then read, "In India, we are beginning the 9 night celebration in honor of Durga, the goddess who makes good triumph over evil." I nicknamed Nafisa "Durga of the 4th Reich" and started a Novena to Nafisa to be recited as the hindus recite their 9 night prayers to Durga.

    A Novena is 9 nights of reciting the same prayer for the same intention. Well, first night of the prayer, my only Jewish friend knocks on my door and hands me a Gandhi pin with Gandhi's birth year 1869. During the Nine night Novena, Oct. 2, I was reflecting on the Gandhi pin and asked Nafisa to make me her Gandhi.

    She seemed to tell me to google Gandhi. I was shocked. It was Oct. 2 that I googled Gandhi, Gandhi's birthday was October 2nd, a national holiday in India....

    It's also the birthday of the instagram star I prayed to who was murdered the same day of the year as Denise Naslund for kissing a man in Spider-man's hometown of "Queens" (Bianca Michelle Devin's) collage-700x547.png

    She was an instagram star and her nearly severed head was shared all over the internet by her killer on the 100 year anniversery of the founding of the Fascist party. She shared online that she had fantasies of being raped and murdered.

    She got raped and murdered the anniversary of when Denise Naslund got raped and murdered (July 14). Denise is the one who introduced me to Fascism and Shinto.

    Bianca's middle name means "who is like God". And her last name means, " Divine".

    Her dream was of being a therapist and helping the mentally ill, so I took her as my therapist and patron Saint of my Sanity. I just pray I can make her dreams come true, including her desire to be raped and murdered if she still has those feelings.

    So, Nafisa Joseph brought me so much closer to my therapist and Gandhi.

    I began to this day always looking at a picture of Nafisa Joseph when I take a hit of crystal meth. Sometimes I hold the smoke in until I lose consciousness because I start hearing her voice and then wake up like a wide eyed baby looking into her eyes and the altered state of consciousness causes the image to wink at me, smile at me, and she said "You didn't fail me. Inhale me."

    After each hit of crystal meth I always say, "I love you Nafisa Joseph. Be exalted and the most euphoric girl that ever was and the most beautiful Indian Supermodel."

    The Song of Solomon spoke of you with the words "I am dark, but I am lovely".

    The Old Testament figure Joseph, head of Pharoah's household, and the New Testament Joseph, head of Christ's household, both were types of you, prefiguring you, speaking of your exalted vocation, your excellency."

    I'm telling you. Nafisa wore that red bikini even because Adam, the first creation, is a name meaning "Red". Esau, the man all Jews were suppossed to descend from was named Edom, meaning "Red". Jacob (Mussolini) stole that destiny from his Twin and they became enemies. The enemies of Mussolini were called "Reds" (even those who weren't communists).

    Chief Joseph was called, "Red Napoleon". I believe Nafisa Joseph to be Chief Joseph and Red Napoleon. So I googled Napoleon's birthday, August 15. It's also VJ day which means "victory over Japan day".

    The VJ is interesting because I googled Nafisa Joseph videos and one of them said VJ Nafisa Joseph. The VJ stood for video Jockey.

    In the video she asks people when was India national independance day? The response was, "August 15". I was shocked. VJ day and Napoleon's birthday is national India day, meaning Nafisa Joseph really is the Red Napoleon, and chief Joseph.

    So, Joseph had a very special coat in the Old Testament. This Joseph has a very special bikini. Right before the Novena I found the pack of cigarrettes that said "Smokin Joes". I thought smokin was a term for a hot babe like Nafisa, so I google what Smokin means just to be double sure, and the first definition to come up was "Sexy".

    So she is "Smokin Joe". I believe she may be helping Hitler rehabilitate and overcome his racism.

    To be my follower or have membership in the Church of Mussoliniology, you don't have to believe anything I say or even be my follower. Just love Nafisa Joseph and the CATS (Charlie Chaplin's Angels ​​ ), Capitol hill Queens, Israeli defense force girls, and if you're feeling extra charitable, give the Sawdust Caesar some love to.

    My Queens shall conquer. They are my strength. I shall find that one other soul who experiences for himself/herself the power that they have to bring joy to any situation, and how much easier life becomes when you trustfully surrender to their providence and keep them company.
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      Wasn't Ghandi a pedophile or something?


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        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
        Wasn't Ghandi a pedophile or something?
        Muhammad was a pedophile


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          Yeah I know people are critical of Ghandi for something, though.


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            Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
            Yeah I know people are critical of Ghandi for something, though.
            Gandhi spoke highly of Mussolini. That didn't score him any points.

            I think Gandhi may have hit his wife if I remember correctly.

            People will make up stories about him being a pedophile I'm sure because a lot of people hated him.

            He was killed by one of his own fellow Hindus. I don't believe accusations of him being a pedophile.


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              I wouldn't take that seriously. People are always saying he was bad for something...I can't remember why, though.