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    From 2005 to thru 2015, I did Movie Reviews or Blurbs about whatever movie was currently opening each Friday. It was my thing for that decade, today not so much (and with the pandemic not at all for the past half year). I kept those Movie Blurbs by Shale in Word doc. and even a book of hard copy printouts.

    Oh, I also got movies I really liked on DVD and once had about 1K discs in my collection. (now down to 450 or so). Now, when I watch a DVD, I will usually get out one of those previous reviews and make memes of it for posting on Movie Forums. I suppose this would be the place on this site, unless there is one specifically for reviews.

    Anyhow, here my first such review on a now inactive site, eXtreme Gossip:

    I am old. I have been watching movies for a long time - the 1950s in fact, and there are a couple actual "Movie" reviews I have done from the DVD because I saw the movie in theater when I was a kid. 20K Leagues Under the Sea was one of them.

    Oh, I suppose now everyone will know that "Shale Stone" is not my real name but a screen name for Rob Boyte. My movie blurbs have been posted on sites by either name.



      BOYHOOD (2014)
      A post today on Ethan Hawke's Birthday reminded me of this very unique movie, that was filmed over 12 years with the same actors as the boy became a young man and the adults became 12-year older adults.


        Moliere (2007)
        Saw it in theater, got the DVD and watched it again. Still an enjoyable movie.
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          You should do some new ones mate ! I used to enjoy your posts on Hip , you seem a bit subdued here , where you can be anything you want

        I haven't been to a theater for over a year now. Most recently due to the pandemic, but my enthusiasm for new movies and writing about them as if I were on deadline had waned before that.

        I go thru these things, once was really into coin & stamp collecting, gun collecting and firing, plants & herbalism (beyond cannabis), natural gardening (plants like to be pissed on), fotografy, drawing and modeling for art classes. All of those were good experiences and fun at the time, but I lost interest in each.

        So, my new hobby is digging up old Movie Blurbs and making them into jpg screen captures for posting. Movie History in a way.


          My neighbor's plants don't like getting pissed on lol..

          There's a place just around the corner out back that gets watered regularly and those plants show it Lol.
          mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
          father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
          seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
          a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


          • Shale
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            From my Gardening Notes 1982
            I was still into plants and dabbled in gardening, so we took out a plot on UF campus with the Environmental Action Group's organic gardens. This was one of our pastimes to go work in the garden and experiment with making compost in an urban setting. We collected urine in gallon jugs and ashes from barbecue pits to feed to our plants. I kept notes on the progress. The urine really added nitrogen to the plants making them grow fast and green. I wrote “urine” by pouring it onto the bed of rye grass and you could read it in darker green.

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            The soil where I did this is in a bank of ground cover along a walk, but they treat the soil for their plants. There's really a nice collection in the vicinity. So, too much nitrogen, perhaps ..
            we used to use 5-10-5 mix in the dirt, but hard to find so we end up settling on other mixes.
            I used a good mix on my garden years ago, and the best thing to grow, was weeds!
            Damn weeds grew w/ a vengeance! Lol

          GEMINI MAN - 2019

          So now I wait until opening movies that look interesting get released on DVD, then I watch that.

          Also I write my current blurbs under my pseudonym Rob Boyte


          • Din Djarin
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            Never heard of this movie before!

          Always liked your movie blurbs on another site I used to haunt. Just curious - have you seen Joker (2019)? I have the DVD on hold at the library, but ALL libraries have been closed for months due to Covid. I'm still able to watch tons of older movies on YouTube, but the new releases are rent/buy only. Anywho, thanks for the link to this awesome site!


          • Shale
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            I haven't seen the new Joker movie. Actually wasn't that interested, but reviews are good.

          CONTAGION (2011)

          A very timely movie that came out a decade ago that ties into what we are experiencing right now.


            hi Shale I remember your movie reviews from the other place you're a very good movie review writer : )