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    When you have it all, wealth, fame, success and a strong family, but it's just not enough......
    Lori Loughlin


    How many kids were fucked out of an advanced education by this kind of subterfuge?

    Sure, her kid was only 1 seat, but others actually qualified for that seat. They all lost to a privileged wealthy kid.

    She looks haggard in this button-cam shot.

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    What about the kids who have no shot, because no one's looking out for them? What happens to all the kids who fall through the cracks?

    It seems like we have trouble understanding that one's upbringing can be too absurd for a person to balance what's happening around them and the prospect of attending college at the same time. Sometimes bright young children's spirits are crushed from birth. This may sound like a joke, but it's really not funny.

    Not every great person overcomes. It's the struggle. And the more difficult the struggle, the harder it is to overcome. If you make it to the end, you're a legend in my book. But we all make it to the end. The end of all things and the beginning of all things. The Alteromnimnax.