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  • The Platinum Blonde.

    What’s with this unlucky 26? Guess it must be twice as unlucky as 13!

    So what about the very beautiful and uninhibited Jean Harlow who was “discovered” by Mr. Howard Hughes? Apparently his movie “Hell’s Angels,” a 1930 American war film, was shot without sound and when the time came to get with it, so to speak and add a soundtrack, the flying scenes were easily fixed. I mean one Tiger Moth sounds like another Tiger Moths!

    But when the female lead in the movie, the beautiful Norwegian Greta Nissen added her dialogue, nobody could understand her English which would have made her role as a British aristocrat pretty silly. So Jean Harlow took Greta’s part in the movie and was an instant success.

    And when “The Platinum Blonde” was released in 1931, Jean turned into a real star. When MGM took over her contract it was rumored that Hughes had released her because she’d rejected his advances. At MGM Jean met and in July 1932 married Paul Bern, an executive at the studio. She was 21 and he was 43. By all accounts Paul was a really nice guy, except for one small problem – he was already married to one Dorothy Millette and allegedly impotent to boot.

    It seems Dorothy was in a clinic and suddenly, either by accident or design, she announced that she was coming home. When Paul broke the news to Jean she told him: “Buy her off or I’m history as far as you are concerned.” Dorothy’s body turned up in the Sacramento River and then Paul shot himself. Messy.

    Despite what she’d said to him, it seems that Jean took Paul’s death badly and sort of spiraled out of control with grief. This manifested itself in some rather promiscuous behavior in which she picked up strange guys and spent days holed up in seedy hotels with them. And all this while the studio combed the city in search of her.

    After another failed marriage Jean suddenly collapsed and was hospitalized and diagnosed with uremic poisoning. It wasn’t until much, much later that it was revealed that she had suffered from a kidney disease since her teens.

    Unfortunately he Christian Scientist mom refused to have her treated and used only prayer in an attempt to heal her daughter. Not surprisingly Jean died of cerebral oedema on June 7, 1937.

    Her age? Well she was born in 1911 so she was 26.

    "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.

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    I have a story to tell about Christian Science as well. At 80+ years old they convinced my grandmother to give them money ... they told her she was a healer and didn’t need doctors as she had a very large cancer tumour under her eye. Got her to stop getting b12 shots which in doing so hindered her memory. Got her out of it and away from the cult. My fam got her back on shots and the tumour removed.


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      Mom's neighbor and old friend, that family were into the Christian Science too. She got a call from them years ago, went to their house and the father and son were standing there just watching the woman lay on the floor in pain...

      Knowing it would do no good to say anything, she called her friend's sister and told her what was going on, and that she should come over there and get things on a more sane track. That was 25 years ago, the woman is still alive.

      Not a fan of the Christian Science. I believe we have modern medicine for a reason.
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        My neighbor went in to have breast augmentation and ended up dying of infection.

        You never hear of the healing that happen in Christian Science and they do happen. It's not a hundred percent just like modern medicine isn't. The two examples you gave are out of the norm for Christian Science. The healers do charge but they don't ask for it up front and true believers don't just sit there and watch someone laying on the floor in pain.
        It's not for everyone, you have to be willing to truly believe.


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          They take advantage of the elderly and you pay for your status in this so called religion.
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