Rethinking that I might have this (probably in addition to a mood and/or anxiety disorder), and I wanted to share/chat about this with anyone who might be able to share knowledge or experience. I seem to recall someone from here mentioning it before, but rather than message them or reveal them, I just wanted to open this up publicly for discussion's sake, as well as updates on me and why/where i am when im not here. Haha

So, first thought. I have been following and reading several blog articles on the topic by (?ADDitude magazine. What mostly strikes a chord these days is my hyperfocus in addition to the distractibility and/or inability to easily snap me out of my transfixtion, and my never ending challenge with time management and prioritizing things/knowing what to do first...stuff like that.

so yea. With my writing, it's been great to get that going, but I will find myself doing that for hours. That's not as much the problem though as my Social media (Twitter stuff). I had to make a separate account recently, so I wouldn't be bogged down by all the "noise". Yes, I've tried muting accounts or whathaveyou, but I tend to forget who I mute and some days, I really want to see what they are up to.

Well anyway. Working on the time thing, so I'll end this post. Feeling strangely appreciative (not the word I'm looking for but for time's sake...) of the people in my life today which includes people on this forum. So, I dunno. Pat yourselves on the back for being "fun"! (?) Lol Sorry, I'm awkwardly trying to say something nice. Haha

are comments enabled? (I'm confused on this thing here hmm)
guess not. Ok, how about now? Lol