My body was chilled the night I awoke
For a vision was fresh in my mind,
Of a woman I'd seen in a black-as-night cloak
And I swear she was not of my kind.

She stood at my side as I opened my eyes
I could see nor her head nor her face,
Her outline was etched by bright burning fires
At her throat she wore ruffled black lace.

She lifted her hand and touched my cheek
I felt my body and soul catch alight,
I opened my mouth and tried to speak
But my mind was numb with fright.

She turned away and beckoned to me
Mesmerised I got to my feet,
I had to follow if I was to be free
As she walked out into the street.

She never looked back nor spared me a glance
As I walked behind her down the road,
I followed the woman like a man in a trance
And my mind not my body bore the load.

She stopped at last before a great door
In the shadows she stood then knocked twice,
I gazed in wonder for I'd been here before
And my heart was gripped in a vice.

The door was opened and we walked inside
In the church I smelt death in the air,
At the altar I saw a young woman, a bride
She was young and a beauty so fair.

She faced the door figure clad all in black
The candles and chalice the same,
Then the woman who stood silently at my back
Touched my arm and called out my name.

'You've been chosen from many to witness tonight
A marriage between evil and good,
This consummation between darkness and light
Among all of Satan’s brotherhood.'

Then from all around me there arose silently
A mass of creatures obscene,
They stood and laughed and pointed at me
And I prayed that this must be a dream.

The woman behind me then spoke up again
'You will stand right here through it all,
Feel with that girl the ecstatic pain
For the master will soon grace this hall.'

The door burst open and all fell to the floor
As the prince of darkness strode past,
I shook with fear at the look that he wore
As he stopped and his eyes on me cast.

He lifted a hand that was more like a claw
Then pointed at me as he smiled
I thought only of flight and glanced at the door
But I knew I was already defiled.

'Bear witness this night that I'm real and alive
And not part of a book that you've read,
Remember that good and not evil shall strive
And that evil will forever stay ahead.'

So saying he turned and walked up the aisle
I felt weak so alone and afraid,
My body was shaking and my mouth filled with bile
For tonight a price would be paid.

The girl at the altar stood facing us all
As Satan strode onward towards her,
She drew herself up, smiled and stood tall
Awaiting her lord Lucifer.

He stopped before her and ripped off her gown
She stood naked with arms open wide,
Taking her hands he pulled her down
On the altar the devil took his bride.

I stared at the scene with my hands clenched tight
I tried but could not turn my face,
I experienced it all in the dim candlelight
Until at last he released his embrace.

The devil laughed and threw back his head
My god he was evil and cruel,
He walked back to me, smiled and said:
'Go look at the woman you fool.'

I slowly walked to where the girl lay
She was bruised and her body was torn,
I looked into the face of the devil's prey
And I cursed the day I was born.

She lay in her blood all naked and white
Defiled to the end of her life,
I looked into eyes that once shone bright
Eyes that belonged to my wife.

I fell to my knees and began to pray
Surely god this must be a dream?
Then I looked at my bride of only one day
In the church all I heard was my scream.