Blu Raine came over to visit last night and brought a bottle of JD with him. I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned him before but we’re kin. He’s from the South, Savannah Georgia actually and he’s sort of like ‘different” … not because he’s from the South mind … but just because.

He’s a poet, a professional songwriter … oh and he once worked for CNN (ugly!) but that’s another story. Because Blu is different, most folk think he’s very shy but actually he isn’t. I mean take the time he met Emmylu.

Blu always told me that when he met a woman whose name actually rhymed with his, she would be the one. So when he met this lady at Pinkie Master’s Lounge in Drayton Street, he instantly knew that she was the one. Pinkie’s is probably the oldest bar in one of America’s oldest cities and Blu likes going there cos he says it’s “pet friendly.” Blu has this Irish Setter dog which is a red colour. He’s called Sam and he likes swimming and ice cream and he’s always with Blu.

Anyway this one Saturday night Blu and Sam are at Pinkie’s and this lady like trips over Sam and lands up on Blu’s lap. Anyway that’s his story and I believe it cos he never tells lies and anyway I wasn’t there. Turns out that she loves animals especially dogs and gives Sam a kiss on his wet, black nose which Blu says looks like a big liquorice truffle.

He introduces himself and offers to buy her a beer and she goes: ”Thanks, that will be nice.” And “I’m Emmylu Paine.” Kaching!!!!!!!!!!! Jackpot! Not only does Emmylu rhyme with Blu but Paine is Raine with a P!

The rest is history and they are still a couple. Did I mention that Blu only visits me at night? I’ve had to supply him with a remote for my garage door every time I moved so that he can come over, open the door and drive right in. Once when he forgot the remote, he hid in the trunk and Emmylu had to drive. Blu didn’t enjoy that at all …

But that’s another story.