you folks. you folks dont even know. i know you dont know because i didnt know.
would you like to know?
would you like to know how you have kept me alive all these years?

you are some of the only people to have gotten an authentic view of my Self.
you accepted me and called me out when needed. you cared.
its so precious and appreciated deeply.

i have been doing a lot of deep searching, and researching, and finding new communities,
but i needed to get back to you, now that i know.

what do i know?
that im autistic, and adhd.
and that i love you folks.
and ive missed you.

i have really struggled to "see" the bookmark for this forum, while the other one is still on my quick list. years of routine broke down.
and then i broke down. burned out. and now here i am. i will try to be around more, but if im bad at it, please dont hold it against me.
im learning who i am again. its really hard, but my past and my struggles all make so much more sense now.