Hey everyone. yes im still alive just transcending busy. i am pushing to get everything gone through and packed to try and move, but im still fighting to get cooperation. we have so much stuff. but im packing up the easy, obvious, extras and spares first. im finding that im completely daunted thinking about all my parent's stuff and the holiday stuff and im just **eeek**
i will try to get on here more often and participate more. i just havent had a lot of energy to go around. anxiety is through the roof, but managed to take the little kids to the dr today for vaccinations. i hate falling behind on that stuff, and some of the delay was circumstances, but part of it was my apprehension about leaving the house in these times. these times that have no meaning and are terror and uncertain but pretend its fine? i guess?
and here i am trying to establish routines and a semblance of order when no one knows what day of the week it is EVER.

so yeah. this is me checking in, and i will try to do so more often and participate in conversation. ideally i want to be able to move/ close in early november. gotta make sure we can vote, ya know. but im not moving anything i dont want to unpack at the next place. i got rid of sauce jars you guys. im SERIOUS about this! i threw out socks! im cutting up tshirts and packing up 2/3 of everyone's clothes! (everyone gets 1 laundry basket for active clothes for the next couple of months, 2 tubs for keep but packed away stuff. not including jackets/ bulky stuff) i packed away a bunch of towels! im going to do this if it kills me! but im still kicking!
love you guys