I have always been an introvert, and someone who keeps things bottled up in my chest, I have tried using shit like WordPress to express my thoughts, but it's a total camel's dick to use, especially on a mobile/cell phone.

If you have taken the time to read this I thank you, I cherish loyalty very closely, especially with regards to faith, friendship and my sporting teams (oddly enough, not family or my country, both of whom have let me down more times than I can remember)

I am an Aquarian born in the Year of the GOAT, for years I thought my Chinese Star Sign was Year of the Monkey, until I went to the amazing Chinese Museum in Bendigo, Victoria and learnt my true date was Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram.

I admit I have indulged in troll tendencies in the past and have a major problem with Alcoholism.

My favourite Sports teams are the Boston Celtics, Leeds United and the Carlton Blues.

If I had someone to play me about my life in a bio-pic, it would be Ben Stiller .